How to create strong passwords

When creating passwords always try to create a strong password.

A weak password

  • Contains your name, company name, address, phone number, user name, website name, or other easily determined personal information
  • Contains a word that is found in the dictionary or the word password
  • Is less than 8 characters long

A strong password

  • Contains uppercase letters
  • Contains lowercase letters
  • Contains numbers
  • Contains symbols
  • Is at least 8 characters long

Hackers can use automated software to cycle through word dictionaries or they may perform brute force attacks in which they  cycle through every character combination up to a certain length.  For every character you add to the length, you increase the number of possible combinations a hacker would need to try exponentially.   As internet speeds have increased over the years, it means hackers can try more password combinations in a shorter amount of time, so be mindful of complexity and length when changing your passwords.

Also, always remember that it is best to use different passwords for every account you have online.  In the event one account is compromised this helps prevent other accounts from being compromised as well.